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doctor and office work smoothly and professionally. the Dr.Modad and the nurse have calmness and trust ,in the patient's room cozy,clean,modern environment,the appointment took place without time delays . I can safely entrust my health to the doctor Modad,P.of her team.

Taty M. | Mar 15, 2022

Hands down best !!!!!!!!she’s been with me through so much and always was. Spot on!!! I have been seeing Dr Modad since 2009 I had her through my whole pregnancy with my daughter I unfortunately had to stop using her at one point due to insurance change and that what is the worst thing ever because Dr Modad knows what she’s talking about she is the best she’s compassionate she explains things thoroughly I always sought her advice and her hair was always exceptional having to use a different OB/GYN was horrible I had an unnecessary surgery from the other practice on named the surgeon there was dumb didn’t listen and wasn’t good at her job, Dr Modad is amazing she’s a great labor and birth doctor, Obgyn, and surgeon I have used her for all of those services I recently had a hysterectomy because of a lot of issues going on with me that other doctors couldn’t find and she found first appointment she was amazing I would trust her with my life over and over and over again hands-down best doctor out there!!!!!! I can’t say enough about her and her personality she’s not a doctor that is just going to write an unnecessary prescription or do things that don’t make sense she is a thoughtful very good doctor and always does what’s right! She’s so knowledgeable she’ll even explain other things in detail if you’re not understanding them or even just in playing conversation like today we talked about supplements and coconut oil etc. she takes the time to even go into something that doesn’t have anything to do with Obgyn but Hass to do with our physical well-being and us as a whole person you can’t say that for most doctors are in and out they don’t have much to say they don’t remember you you’re just a number That is not the case with Dr Modad and I don’t believe I’ll ever be she is just amazing like I said I can’t say enough I would recommend her to everyone!!!!! Best doctor

Daniela C. | Mar 14, 2022

Dr Modad is extremely thorough and explains things extremely well. She has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever had; you can tell how very much she cares.

Sandra T. | Mar 09, 2022

Dr Modad is extremely knowledgeable & caring. I am glad to have had an opportunity to have met her. Her staff as well are extremely personable.

Joan K. | Mar 04, 2022

I was very impressed with Dr. Modad and her staff. No wait time. The staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Modad was very thorough and very caring. She was also very easy to talk to. I changed my OBGYN because I was unable to see my actual Dr. Instead, I had a nurse practioner. At Dr. Modads office, there are no nurse practioners. I would definitely recommend her.

Mary E. | Mar 02, 2022

Front desk person could be more helpful and friendly. Rest of visit was great.

Amy D. | Mar 02, 2022
"She is very knowledgeable and caring. Takes time to thoroughly go over any issues or questions I may have and always makes me feel like she cares..."
Cheryl D.
"She is the best! She kept me and my baby safe during a very hard delivery. She has continued to be my gyn years after, I will not go anywhere else."
MArian G.
"I will never see another doctor other than Dr. Patricia Modad again! She did everything she could to make me feel comfortable and explained everything..."
Meg C.
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